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Old 1st January 2015, 19:31
G-CPTN G-CPTN is offline  
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Instructions for assembling the brakes.

Lightly smear the faces of the links, spacers and anchor plate with the approved grease, ensuring that no lubricant is allowed between the friction springs and links.
Assemble the links and friction springs to the brake shoes as shown, noting that the heads of the bolts must be adjacent to the backplate when the brakes are installed on the vehicle.
Tighten the link bolt but leave the nut unpinned.
Check the tension of the friction springs as follows:-
Secure the brake shoe in a vice using soft-jaw clamps and position the links at their maximum point of travel without over-riding the friction springs.
Install a bolt through the holes at the outer end of the links, and, using a spring balance check the load required to move the links.
If the friction load is less than the specified limit (12lb), renew the springs.
Slacken the link bolts sufficiently to assemble the links to the anchor plate.
Align the links and friction springs, and tighten the bolts.
Secure the nuts with split pins.
Note the following:-
Engage the leading shoe support before tightening the anchor plate nuts. Tighten the front anchor plate nuts and the shoe support bolts to the specified torque (37 lb ft).
Install the push-rod anchor springs and shoe return springs as shown (illustration showing left-hand rear brake), ensuring that on the front brakes the spring with the greater number of coils is attached to the leading shoe.
Assemble the right-hand front brake shoe return springs behind the shoes.
All shoe return springs must be assembled with the 'squared' end of the spring attached to the brake shoe.
Back off the shoe adjustment and install the hub and drum.
Adjust the brakes.
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Old 1st January 2015, 20:53
ted ted is offline  
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Thanks for that but I think that is for the 20 inch TK, mine 16".
I will run with I have and go for a VTNZ brake test, if it fails I will try with the plates around the other way.
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Old 1st January 2015, 21:08
G-CPTN G-CPTN is offline  
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Join Date: Sep 2008
Location: Tynedale
Age: 74
Posts: 3,687
Images: 209
Yes, my manual is for an MK (TK 4x4).
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