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Old 10th March 2018, 08:43
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Fatigued driver one cause of the deadly accident last year

2nd of april 2017 at about 7 in the morning, a Setra doubledecker from Bergkvarabuss turned over on European Highway 45 outside Sveg, killing 3 persons (all of them young teens) and injuring 38 other (five with very serious injury).
The accident started a debate about seatbelt and who is responsible for making sure people under 15 wear them (the law states "the driver, leaders, teachers and other adults" so really nothing to debate) as only 16 of the 58 aboard had their seatbelts on.

The Swedish Accident Investigation Authority started an investigation, which is not very common after accident with road vehicles (usually they investigate rail, air, and sea accident) but it has happened before, after a deadly collision between two buses in Rasbo outside Uppsala in 2007.

The investigation report and a press release were published the 8th of march 2018 and concluded that they could not find the cause of the accident but the fatigued driver were a probable cause.
The investigation also found that no laws about working and resting times had been broken, but still the driver were very tired. The company should have more clear routines for finding risks with night driving and made recommendations to the company.

The most remarkable with the investigation is that it has a list of recommendations to the Swedish Government, and thats not very common, but its understandable when one cause is a system failure (the political one).

The full list of recommendations:
The Swedish Government is recommended to:
  • Within the framework of the ongoing review of the European Union’s
    regulations for driving time and rest periods, especially work for that the
    specific risks of working at night are taken into consideration when
    elaborating the new regulations. (RO 2018:01 R1)
  • Investigate the prerequisites for introducing a requirement for operators
    within the road traffic sector to have a safety management system (SMS)
    to handle the risks in road operations. (RO 2018:01 R2)
  • Review the authorisation in the 13 ch. 7 Traffic Ordinance
    (1998:1276), which authorises the Swedish Transport Agency to adopt
    regulations on speed limits and guidelines for how different speed limits
    should be used, and address the issue if there is a need to extend or
    clarify the authorisation, or if the Swedish Transport Agency should be
    tasked with publishing general guidelines on the subject. (RO 2018:01
  • Investigate the prerequisites for introducing a requirement of seat belt
    reminders or other equivalent technical solutions in buses. (RO 2018:01
  • Investigate the prerequisites for introducing a requirement of side impact
    airbags or curtains in buses. (RO 2018:01 R5)
  • In an appropriate manner ensure that it is clarified what is implied by the
    requirement in the 4 ch. 10 c Traffic Ordinance that the driver, other
    on-board personal, guides and group leaders shall take suitable actions so
    that persons under the age of 15 years use seat belts or other protective
    devices. (RO 2018:01 R6)

The report sparked a debate about working times, bus companies way of "following them" (letting drivers drive a car (no tachograph) across the country and then take a seat in a bus and drive it for 4,5 hours at night as an example) and various other things and what it will result in I don't know. It is election year so it might just be forgotten in all the other debates.

The full report (In Swedish, but with summary on pages 11-13):

Picture from the accident:

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