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Old 17th April 2019, 12:32
Trevor Trevor is offline  
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Envrio 400 - HELP

We have a problem with an Enviro 400 Mk2 double decker. We rebuild buses to customers requirements. This usually means stripping the bus of seating etc, and tidying the wiring. The decision has been made to use second hand Enviros where possible. On this bus, our first of this kind, which came from London, the space under the seat on the upper deck where the electronics are, was needed. We removed the CCTV, GPS etc etc. and turned the IOU board around to give us the space we needed. As you will be aware this has now disabled the bus. We have obtained the Service Manual wiring diagrams which is of great assistance. We found that by shorting out the coil to Ignition Front relay, part of the system becomes active, the Fire Suppression announcement is given, then by shorting out the Starter solenoid the bus will start. I do obversely now realise the massive mistake we made in the first place by removing the equipment. NEVER again.
Speaking to different people, no one can come up with an answer.
To my way of thinking the bus came out of the factory as a working, rolling chassis, the extra equipment was fitted, integrating some part of the CAM / IOU system. As we have cut the extras out this has disconnected some part of the IOU system, which, needs grounding or pulling high. Nobody seems to have an answer.
Do you know of anyone that could help by knowing the system, the appropriate wiring diagram that shows how the extras were fitted, or the person that designed how the extras were integrated.
We are starting to get more than desperate with this problem.
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Old 17th April 2019, 18:48
G-CPTN G-CPTN is offline  
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You need to get hold of a bus company electrician or maybe the bodybuilder agent.

When new, any problems would be dealt with by Alexander Dennis until the bus was out of warranty by which time the operator might have gained some knowledge of the system.

Some bus operators have work done by the vehicle dealer or if engine-related by the engine dealer (for example Volvo truck dealer if the engine was a Volvo).

Vehicle electrics are something of a black art since the days of simple two-wire systems and involve computers to signal functions - Canbus.

Maybe a vehicle electrician that specialises in modern vehicle systems could help?

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