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Old 26th April 2021, 15:58
Melkarth Melkarth is offline  
Join Date: Apr 2021
Location: United Kingdom
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Leisure batteries

Hi Everyone.
I would like to hear some views on an option I have with my coach. (2000 Iveco Euromidi)

I want to fit some leisure batteries to the coach, that uses 2 x 180Ah batteries for the vehicle electrics, wired in series to produce 24v.

I have a another two identical batteries that can be used for leisure electrics. This is my question:

Do I wire everything to maintain the 24v throught the coach, powering things like TV/microwave/kettle/possibly a small oven etc or do I parallel wire the two leisure batteries to give 12v, again to run such items, but then how do I keep the leisure batteries charged?

Any thoughts on the subject?

Thanks in advance for your input

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Old 26th April 2021, 19:50
vanhoolchris vanhoolchris is offline  
Join Date: Mar 2021
Location: somerset
Posts: 8
As far as i know, i wouldnt use lesure batteries for running the vehicle as if you need to jump start the engine, the plates in the battery are thinner and might bend or distort due to overload. ive got normal batteries for running and lesure ones charged by solar for everything else.
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Old 27th April 2021, 12:11
Melkarth Melkarth is offline  
Join Date: Apr 2021
Location: United Kingdom
Posts: 8
Images: 2
Sorry, after reading the post I see what you mean.

I have replaced the two coach batteries with proper new batteries. I now have the original two batteries that are only a few months old but were reconditioned, still working ok. I was never really happy using these for the main batteries. I wondered about using these as leisure batteries.
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Old 27th April 2021, 19:35
robertdavey6 robertdavey6 is offline  
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There is a large (internal) difference between the two types of battery. Vehicle batteries are designed for high loads over a short period. As in cracking the engine, at start.
Leisure batteries are designed to provide more gentle loads, over a longer period. As in watching TV, running the fridge, etc.
So, whilst it could work, using *normal* batteries won't work quite as well as true leisure batteries would.
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