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Originally Posted by Dingbat View Post
Did you see the one where one driver left brake off when parking up.Bus rolled back into
a newly delivered single decker.ouch.
I have seen drivers do similar things to that on more than one occasion, start the bus, put in into gear, release the park brake then get out of the bus to find an engineer to report that there is a problem as it won't move. Next thing the air builds up the brakes realease and off goes the driverless bus. On a more serious occasion a coach driver started his coach put it into gear and realeased the brake, mistook the low air buzzer for the ermgency door warning, then decided to get out to walk round the coach to slam the door from the outside. This again resulted in a runaway driverless vehicle, unfortunately it ran down hill and hit a wall causing very bad injuries to a lot of the passengers.
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