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Bedford TL Restoration Help and Hello :)

Hello Truck and Bus Forum

I'm hoping to get your advice and support as I'm crazy enough to try and restore an old 1989 Bedford TL by myself!!

I have already made a start and got a fail sheet for all the issues that would get it through an MOT and to be honest that area is definitely for a mechanic as I don't have the tools. If you know one down my way in Chichester or nearby please do let me know.

I'm focusing on the bodywork...

So my first question is that i'm going to strip out the cab, hopefully unbolt it from the chassis and sandblast it to get all the rust off (there's LOTS!!!!)

I'm just worried about removing the windows as I don't know how hard it is to replace the seals. If you have any advice on what I should do then any support would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance
Thank you


Making my Horsebox Bedford TL dream come true
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