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sortca 16th November 2015 00:16

Edwards Transport.
Hi guys, does anyone have any information regarding Edwards transport from Hinstock,Market Drayton. What are they like to work for. always seem like a smart/professional outfit to me. Smart motors, but does that mean low pay and big hours???

coastie 17th November 2015 19:14

Hi Sortca. A very warm welcome to T&B from the usually sunny Isle of Anglesey currently starting to get a battering from "Barry"!

Personally, I am unaware of the company you seek information about, but maybe someone on here can help.

G-CPTN 17th November 2015 19:32

The only Edwards Transport that I knew of had premises in the Essex docks off the A13.

I remarked that their inspection pit 'wasn't very deep' and was told "Wait until we pump out the water" (which had a film of black oil on the top).

G6 UXU 2nd January 2017 15:14

They are still going strong and I see them regularly on the M6.

G-CPTN 2nd January 2017 19:58

I read that the current Edwards Transport has only been going 30 years - the one that I dealt with in the East London docks was 40 years ago.

Reminds me that the bus station in the nearby town closed down in November.
One of the drivers said that he had been using it for 30 years - I replied that I had been using it for 62 years.

G6 UXU 28th March 2020 10:33

I still see them on the M6.

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