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lifeboat1721 12th March 2009 19:49

Photographers rights
Hi guys,

This is the most up to date link I can find..


Western SMT 12th March 2009 20:00

Hi Ian
Date of document is 19/11/04 but good link all the same.

Western SMT 23rd March 2009 10:50

Are we guilty until proved innocent?

Bobjork 23rd March 2009 18:35

I've never had problems with taking pictures when travelling in UK.
No cop or anyting came.

Did not even know there was a law against it.

Western SMT 23rd March 2009 18:55

Was it just chance that google managed to photo everything for the street maps before this law came out.

G-CPTN 23rd March 2009 22:09


Originally Posted by Bobjork (Post 4089)
Did not even know there was a law against it.

There wasn't!

G-CPTN 23rd March 2009 22:30


The police have no power to delete images. If they try to do so (and that has happened in the past), suggest politely they would be committing a criminal offence.
Interesting - I wonder what response you would get?

Bobjork 25th March 2009 08:12


Originally Posted by G-CPTN (Post 4100)
There wasn't!

Aha, so if I go to england now I can't take any photos...
Think I stay here then, where it is allowed to take photos of everyone and everything, as long as it is a public space.

G-CPTN 25th March 2009 10:14

Until recently, the same applied here in the UK. If you were standing in/on a public space you could photograph freely.
Then it started that you could not take photographs of young children without the specific permission of the parents of all those that might be in the field of view. Now you risk arrest if a police officer is around as you might be construed to be a terrorist.

Western SMT 25th March 2009 10:52

You can certainly take photos, it seems you just have to be careful what subject you are photographing and have a valid reason ready.
Nobody is going to bother about tourist photos but what they are saying is no photos of police, military or other security related subjects that could be twisted round to make you look suspect.

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