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Bobjork 8th May 2018 19:56

Goodbye Slussen bus terminal (1971 - 2018)
In 1971 the bus terminal at Slussen in Stockholm opened.
It has been falling apart since.
The 2nd of may 2018 it closed.
I did a little film the 1st of may to say goodbye to our beloved piece of junk :)

G-CPTN 8th May 2018 21:07

Your three-axle buses are longer than anything we have in the UK (12 metres) - though I have just looked-up the limits and it is 15 metres for a bus with more than two axles - 13.5 metres for two axles.

G-CPTN 8th May 2018 22:35

One possible reason why UK three-axle buses don't seem to be as long as they could be is probably because the rearmost axle is the drive axle rather than having a 'tag' axle that steers.
Ex-Hong Kong vehicles have been tried around UK city routes with 'difficulties' at junctions.
Even the Mercedes Citaro 'bendy' buses had problems negotiating city centres.

Bobjork 10th May 2018 08:46

In Stockholm City the maximum length of buses are 13.1 for two axles and 13. 99 for three axles if it has a steering rear axle. Bendy buses are around 18 but those have a special permit and may only drive on the streets the route goes.
The coach I usually drive are 13.8 and steering rear.
Those Scania OmniLink are 14.75 as they dont go in Stockholm City, only from this bus terminal and to eastern suburbs. They have steering rear too.

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