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G-CPTN 18th April 2017 20:27

Unusual Fire Appliance.
0:05 to 0:09 in the following video:- A19 crash.

G-CPTN 18th April 2017 20:31

More here:- Special Rescue Tender.

G-CPTN 18th April 2017 20:42

Seems that several were built on Scania P320 6x2 chassis with John Dennis bodywork.
The Palfinger was probably added by 'Bunce'.

Bedfordshire and Gloucestershire have one.

I wonder if they were 'standard issue' like the MAN 6x4 demountable prime movers?

G-CPTN 18th April 2017 20:54

Here is a video 'walk-around' of the Gloucestershire appliance:- P320 Specialist Rescue Tender.

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