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Western SMT 14th January 2009 19:26

1911 Census
Reuters say the 1911 census to go online -

Energumen 14th January 2009 23:50

I have already had two friends pass on information from that census today.

But anyone who understands how many records one may have to pay to view, before getting the correct one, will know, that this census is going to be very expensive to research. I for one am waiting till it is opened up to competition and the prices drop. Mind I will probably drop before that happens. Oh well, another statistic for the records.

G-CPTN 14th January 2009 23:57

'Our' Counties (Northumberland and Durham) are not (yet) included . . .

Western SMT 15th January 2009 10:49

Scotland of course will have to wait -

Scottish legislation (Section 38 and 58 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002) exempts personal Census records from disclosure until after a 100 year closure period.

Western SMT 9th February 2009 11:40

Family History Software

I have always used the Legacy family history software along with Passage Express and get on fine with both and was just wondering what other people use.

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