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Conversation Between coastie and hilifta
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  1. coastie
    29th December 2011 20:37
    Sorry Mike.

    I've only just noticed your message.

    Thankyou for your wishes, I had a quiet day. I finished work at 8am Christmas morning, did two present runs, one to my step Daughter then the other to my Neice then it was time to go to our Meeting. When we got back I did the present run to my younger step Daughter (She'd been doing disco the night before so I was advised to leave her til later! When I got home I discovered that the pub next door to me (The Foresters) was open, so, being as I like to go for a beer on Christmas Day I went in to say hello. I left there about an hour later, came home grabbed a few cans and went on the internet and Skype eventually getting to bed about 6pm absolutely knackered!

    Glad you had a good day though I don't think I could put up with having Christmas Day on the beach!

    All the best for 2012 to you and yours and keep up the banter.


  2. hilifta
    25th December 2011 03:15
    Hi there,

    I just wanted to wish you guys all the very best for Xmas and happy and safe new year.
    As I type this I know you haven’t woken up to Xmas, but I can tell you we have a beauty.
    I walked on the beach this morning with the 2 dogs and at 9am it was already quite crowded with people setting up BBQ’s and Xmas picnics. It is about 23 degrees and sunny, 2 to 3 knots on shore breeze and the pohutukawa’s (NZ’s Xmas tree) are in full bloom, and frankly, you couldn’t ask for more.
    I am now just waiting for the cook to serve while I patiently wait, with a red in hand!.

    All the best guys, look forward to another years photos and repartee.

  3. hilifta
    29th May 2011 01:34
    Hi Ian,
    re your comment on the fit 30yr old.
    Unfortunately when this photo was taken he had just been diagnosed with a brain tumour and died just short of his 3rd birthday.
    Yes he would have been 30 last Jan, but we still have a 25yr old, and now a daughter in law. So you have be grateful for what you have.
    Life's not always a bag of roses.
    Didn't want to respond publicly.

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